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So…a little about me

Hi all! So here’s a little about me, my home and why I decided to set up this little blog site. My name’s Jo (short for Joelle) and I’m a happily married mum of two teenage girls aged 18 & 15 (delightful ages! urgh) My husband and I are childhood sweethearts and have been together since we met at school aged 15. We run our own small business Apple Crates UK which we started around 5 years ago after returning from living in the Costa del Sol, Spain for the previous 10 years – and yes I still miss the weather!
Without really realising it, I’ve always loved home decor; asking for things like a futon for my birthday present as a teenager and re-decorating my own bedroom and then when we purchased our first home at the age of 21, I was in my element making our first house a home.
We moved in to our current new build home in Febuary 2017 after renting for a couple of years when we returned from Spain. It’s a 3 bed semi detached just outside Ringwood in the New Forest. Our house was one of just 4 houses on a small development and had already been completed when we viewed it so there was no kitchen, tile or carpets options for us which, with my indecisiveness was probably a good thing.

I could spend my whole spare time trawling through Pinterest, Instagram and online home stores and hours and hours wandering around home shops. I believe that you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a home that’s perfect for you, not when I feel you can get the same look for so much less.  So with this in mind and guessing that I’m not the only one that feels like this, I thought about setting up this ‘blog thingy’ to firstly show where everything I brought from my home is from (in case anyones interested) but most importantly to hopefully save you some of the leg/finger work and share the best deals and prices I find for the latest home decor trends on a budget, along with details of D.I.Y’s and improvements that we’ve made in our own home.

Please bear with me, this is defintely a work in progess, but I hope to help make your own journey into making your house into a home just a little bit easier.

Much love

Jo x





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